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Sagard is a multi-strategy alternative asset management firm active in venture capital, private equity, private credit, and real estate.


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About Sagard

Sagard is a multi-strategy alternative asset management firm active in venture capital, private equity, private credit, and real estate. Sagard also engages in private wealth management and new venture creation through its ecosystem partners Grayhawk and Diagram.

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Since 2016, Sagard has experienced significant growth, with assets under management increasing to over $25.1B, some 300 professionals joining the team and over 125 companies added to the portfolio.

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We help accelerate companies’ paths to success while staying true to our core values of entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration, rigour and authenticity.

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We deliver flexible capital, an entrepreneurial culture and a global network of investors, commercial partners, advisors and value creation experts.  Our dynamic and supportive ecosystem gives our partners the advantage they need to learn, grow and win at every stage.

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Our teams are dedicated to a fundamental purpose, vision and mission

Our purpose is to

Empower progress.

Our vision is to

Build one of the most respected and impactful global alternative investment management firms.

Our mission is to

Invest capital, culture and network to drive returns for our clients and communities.

Our network

We share and leverage our extensive global network of investors, portfolio companies, commercial partners, advisors and value-creation experts to drive tangible value.

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Our portfolio companies

We partner with ambitious companies to help them achieve their aspirations.

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¹Assets Under Management (“AUM”) as of December 31, 2023 is the sum of:

  1. net asset value of private equity, venture capital, private credit and healthcare funds, including uncalled capital commitments of those funds and unused leverage,
  2. gross asset value of the underlying real estate of Sagard Real Estate funds and separate accounts,
  3. fair value of assets held in co-investment vehicles managed by Sagard and uncalled capital commitments of those co-investment vehicles,
  4. AUM of other managers controlled by Sagard,
  5. fair value of all other assets managed by Sagard that are not otherwise included in the clauses above.

Our definition of AUM is not based on any definition contained in our fund management agreements. Furthermore, our calculation may differ from the manner in which the SEC defines “Regulatory Assets Under Management” on Form ADV and from the AUM definition used by other asset managers.

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