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Sagard Healthcare Partners invests in the top-line revenues of businesses in the biopharmaceutical industry globally.

We focus on investments in approved and commercialized biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices that are protected by strong intellectual property.

Sagard’s healthcare business is led by David MacNaughtan, Ali Alagheband and Raja Manchanda.

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Investment approach and value proposition

  • We are a proven team of industry experts with deep experience in a complex investment strategy and a history of working together
  • We have a flexible mandate including royalty monetization, revenue-interest financing and traditional credit to match the right type of investment to each opportunity, and direct capital to areas of higher relative value
  • Our focus on the long-term enables value maximization for both sides in a transaction
  • As part of the Sagard platform, we have access to a strong operational infrastructure, business support, and network, enabling our team to focus on investments that accelerate the returns on innovation in the healthcare industry

Investment criteria

We acquire royalties, provide royalty-backed loans, and invest directly in approved biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices in return for a royalty on direct sales

Typical investment size between US$25M to US$150M

  • We can do smaller transactions to support innovative emerging companies
  • Through our LP co-investment program, we can do larger deals in the hundreds of millions

Successful businesses, lasting partnerships

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