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For more than 15 years, I-TRACING – the leading independent provider of cybersecurity services in France – has been helping its clients with all their IT cybersecurity needs.

After partnering on several professional projects and achieving entrepreneurial success, Théodore-Michel Vrangos and Laurent Charvériat founded I-TRACING in 2005, leveraging their agility and expertise to address client needs in the growing cybersecurity services market.

Fifteen years later, I-TRACING offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing auditing and consulting, 24/7 IT monitoring and software integration. Experts in offices located across three continents support these services. Thanks to its premium positioning and strong engineering expertise, I-TRACING is one of France’s leading providers of cybersecurity services.

To achieve its growth ambitions and consolidate its position as the leading independent provider of cybersecurity services in Europe, in June 2021 the management team decided – during the second LBO for the company – to sell a majority stake in I-TRACING to a team comprising Eurazeo and Sagard NewGen.

I-Tracing website

Leading French independent provider

Comprehensive 24/7 service offering

75% of CAC 40 as clients

“We are very pleased to enter a new phase in our independent development alongside Sagard, 15 years after the company was founded. We will accelerate our growth both in France and in Europe, Asia and North America, accompanying our major French and European clients in all of their cybersecurity needs. We will maintain our values and mindset, the quality and expertise of our services, and our commitment to our clients, in a thrilling environment for our staff.”

Théodore-Michel Vrangos and Laurent Charvériat, the founding partners of I-TRACING