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Kiloutou (2005 – 2018)

Already France’s second-largest equipment rental company, Kiloutou is now emerging as a market leader across Europe.

  • Organic growth and industry consolidation
  • Minority stake
  • Construction equipment hire and specialized services for the building trades

Between 2005 and 2011, Sagard supported the company’s reorganisation and very robust organic growth, which expanded the French network from 130 to 289 branches over the period. This growth drive was supported by the fact that initial leverage was kept low and more than 90% of total EBITDA generated over the period was ploughed back into the company.

Since 2011, Sagard has backed the second phase of Kiloutou’s expansion, led by the acquisition of 17 companies in France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

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Our contribution

Our contribution

  • Supporting corporate reorganisation in the primary LBO phase, with a focus on organisational structure and hirings. Encouraging the sale of a large stake in the company to employees
  • Actively participating in certain key strategic decisions shaping the company’s destiny (especially in the challenging economic environment between 2008 and 2010)
  • Sustainably supporting a stepped-up organic growth strategy
  • Sustainably supporting an assertive acquisitions-led growth strategy in France and other countries

Successful outcomes

Successful outcomes

  • A radical shift in the business base and corporate profile since 2005, from a French player with €160 million in revenue to a European leader with €510 million
  • Strong creation of significant value, extensively shared with company managers and employees
  • A smooth transition in the management team


Average annual growth in revenue since late 2004


Growth in EBITDA


Jobs created