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Louise St-Denis is an Office Coordinator at Sagard and joined the firm in 2022. Louise will work in collaboration with the administrative and operation teams. She will work from Sagard reception and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation from this department. She will greet and direct visitors to Sagard offices and support Sagard culture building efforts.

 Louise is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Prior to Sagard Louise was an administrative and HR coordinator in private organisations such as Comark, Villa Berthier and INSO. Among others, she led an administrative and customer service team at Kiné Concept inc, in the wellness sector. She also had her own business in the transport sector. She is also co-founder of the “Semaine des Relations Industrielles”, which still exists and is now profitable.

Louise holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from University of Montreal.

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