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Our Strategy


Sagard NewGen

We support entrepreneurs in the technology and healthcare sectors exclusively.

This focus gives us the tools to address the growth challenges specific to these sectors and to create a bespoke ecosystem for entrepreneurs with proven business models who want to accelerate their development

Sagard NewGen makes majority or minority investments between 10M€ and 50M€  (excluding co-investors), with or without leverage, to finance expansion strategies in profitable Europe-based companies with revenues between 10M€ and 150M€.

Our capital has given us a unique DNA: an entrepreneurial approach and a capacity to craft tailored solutions for each project we support, both in terms of investment horizon and financial structure.

Located in Paris, the Sagard NewGen team and its Investment Committee work closely with management teams, guaranteeing rapid decision-making aligned with the pace of their business activity.

Our Value Creation team and global network of seasoned advisors across industries provide portfolio companies with hands-on, expert advice in go-to-market, tech & cyber, business acceleration and M&A to help management teams meet their strategic and operational challenges. Our Partnerships team also facilitates long-term commercial collaboration opportunities.

Located in Europe and North America, the support teams have the skills and experience to provide expertise in many parts of the world.

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ESG at the heart of our strategy

We believe that every investment should thoroughly incorporate objectives for improving the environmental footprint and social impact of the companies that we support. As such, ESG considerations are an integrated part of our strategy and are systematically factored into our investments.

This approach is aligned with the principles of the International Climate Initiative (formerly IC20), of which the Company¹ became a member in 2017.

Sagard SAS is also a signatory of the “Investors for Growth” and Gender Equality charters from France Invest (the French private equity association) and the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).


Our key ESG objectives

Complying with all current regulations and our commitments as investment professionals (gender equality, diversity index, etc.)

Defining indicators and implementing carbon footprint improvement plans

Setting up broad-based schemes for sharing value creation with employees

¹Refers to Sagard SAS


Sustainability-related information is published on a dedicated “Intralinks” website only accessible to investors in Sagard SAS funds, in a section dedicated to information on environmental, social and quality of governance matters, in the same way as information provided in Article 10 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019.

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