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Why join us?

We live by our values

Inspired by the best


  • We embrace a fast-growing entrepreneurial culture.
  • We are lean and quick yet always seek to operate with integrity and world-class standards.
  • We prize talent over experience, but we love both. We value contribution over hierarchy.


  • We are open-minded and constantly challenging ourselves.
  • We look for creativity without too much complexity, knowing that sometimes complexity is our friend.
  • We try to shift the odds in our favor, while innovation involves failure as well as success, and we do not fear it.


  • We are smart and sophisticated investors.
  • We think analytically and critically and base decisions on data wherever we can.
  • We are business-builders who embrace a culture of humility, ambition and excellence.


  • We fundamentally believe that diversity and authenticity drive better decision-making.
  • We trust that collaboration is more powerful than competition.
  • We leave no room for politics.


  • We are open and inclusive.
  • We care about one another as people and seek loyal, trusted relationships across our whole ecosystem.
  • We aspire to be an inclusive business in all senses. Insights and outcomes do not have a color, gender, or sexual orientation.

Our hiring process at a glance

Finding the right people for our business

  • Your Application

    Use this time to differentiate yourself from the crowd: take the time to review your presentation documents, detail your projects and accomplishments, and cross-reference your expertise with the skills of the position that are required.

    This is also an opportunity for you to validate that the responsibilities of the position really suit you.


    Application Reviews

    We review your profile against the criteria laid out in the job posting. This step is designed to assess key skills you’ll need for the role.

    Hiring Manager Interview

    Your manager will play an influential role in your success at Sagard. Therefore, we make sure you get to meet them early in the process. The goals is to have an in-depth conversation about your background, work experience, skills and knowledge. We encourage you to come with questions of your own to get to know Sagard and the hiring team better.

    Case Assessment and Presentation

    If applicable to your recruitment process, our team will want to assess certain skills through case assessments or presentations. The purpose of these assessments is to measure your skills and give you a great sense of what it would be like to work at Sagard.

    Final Interview

    Our goal is to ask any remaining questions and determine who among the finalists would be the best fit for the role, the team, and the company. The final interview is also your opportunity to ask any remaining questions so you can have the information you need to make your decision.

    The Hiring Decision. Welcome to the team!

    Based on the interviews and evaluations, the exchanges and discussions with the candidates, we will make the hiring decision that we consider best for our team, and for you.


We promise you will be recognized

We want to see your true self, make you shine and give you credit for your ideas.

We are committed to providing you with opportunities

To push your limits, to feed your curiosity and to surround you with the most talented people.

We put our trust in you

We give you the freedom to leave your mark, to contribute to our growth in your own way, knowing that your hard work will pay off.

We are invested in you

We want to partner with you so you can achieve your full potential.

We reward you for your performance

We create incentives for all our people to deliver their best and be aligned with our success.

Get ready for your next goal

Do you recognize yourself in us? We are fast moving, growing rapidly, and have a strong track record. We are looking for people who take strong values as seriously as we do.

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