Michael Wee

Co-Founder, Digital Asset Fund Lead

Prior to Portage, Michael was a Product Manager at Coinbase, where he helped found the Coinbase NFT Marketplace and led a team-building crypto payments solutions at Coinbase Commerce. Michael was previously a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he focused on investments in crypto, AI, developer tools, and enterprise software. In a past life, Michael also worked as a startup founder and software engineer.

In his free time, Michael enjoys playing music with friends: he plays piano, saxophone, guitar, and French Horn in a variety of styles including classical, jazz, pop, rap, and more. Michael also enjoys doing anything active, from triathlon to basketball to rock climbing. He enjoys reading and loves book recommendations!

Michael holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and was also a Visiting Student at Harvard, MIT, and Harvard Business School.