The power of a global network

The Sagard story is one of business building and enduring partnerships.
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Who we are

As an alternative asset manager, we bring together investors, business builders and an expert team to create something truly differentiated – a smart, dynamic network that gives businesses the advantage they need to learn, grow and win.

We’re able to do this because of the value we bring to our partners: generations of entrepreneurs, extraordinary talent from around the world and smart capital from discerning investors.

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What we do

Using a differentiated ecosystem approach, Sagard identifies and builds great businesses with investors and portfolio companies.

We seek strong returns by matching opportunities with flexible capital strategies, supporting the most promising business builders with the knowledge and the network to give them a growth advantage.

Sagard invests across four asset classes: private equity, venture capital, private credit, and healthcare royalties.

Our network also includes Grayhawk, a member of the Sagard group, and Diagram, an ecosystem partner.

How we do it


Our teams have the experience and tools to identify leaders who will succeed and the right resources to support them every stage of the way.


Infused with a deep entrepreneurial spirit, our leadership, partners and team all share the same committed belief in our work. We strive to measure and assess the social and economic impact it has on the people and businesses within our network, and our society as a whole.


We form enduring partnerships in a global network of investors, portfolio companies, commercial connections and advisors.


Assets under management [1]


Portfolio companies



The values we live by

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Rigour
  • Collaboration
  • Authenticity

We are entrepreneurial

We want to partner with the best entrepreneurs and operators.  We are self-starters and have a deep attachment to the idea of building businesses, including our own.

We are lean and quick yet always seek to operate with integrity and world class standards.  We balance the tensions between proper process and speed to get to results with the right level of confidence.

People matter more than anything.  We prize talent over experience but we love both.  We value contribution over hierarchy.  We value the desire for personal development.

Our capital is a trust.  While we are in a risk business and we operate portfolios with winners and losers, we never want to impair the capital of our shareholders or partners.  We have experienced it and it is deeply painful on every level.

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We are innovative

We prize curiosity and the wonderment of what could be. We constantly remind ourselves that the knowledge of what was can be an impediment to seeing what is.

We believe that creative solutions can overcome almost any problem. We are constantly trying to keep the creativity and reduce complexity, even though we know sometimes complexity is our friend.

We understand that innovation involves failure as well as success and we do not fear it. We try to shift the odds in our favour and look to manage the consequences of not succeeding.

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We are rigorous

We think analytically and critically. We base decisions on data and we know that the anecdote dies hard.

We believe that process aligns our team – in investments, in management and operations – but too much process and analysis can paralyze an organization.

We work really hard.

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We are collaborative

We believe collaboration is more powerful than competition. If we can be in the pie-growing rather than the pie-splitting business, our success will be greater in the long run.

We align our financial success with our partners and shareholders and work toward a common goal of achieving best-in-class performance.

We make big and many small decisions collectively, with no room for politics.

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We are authentic

Humility is one of our key values, which is derived from our past failures as much as our past achievements. We celebrate our teams and our portfolio companies before taking pride in our own successes.

We care a lot about one another as people and work hard to build loyal, trusted relationships across our whole ecosystem. We take risk as a team to be transparent about our weaknesses and mistakes.

We are on the side of taking risk to drive a better, more inclusive business in all senses. Insights and outcomes do not have a color, gender or sexual orientation and we are trying harder than ever to ensure that we don’t bring these prejudices to anything we do. We know we have a lot of work ahead.

We believe strongly in doing the right thing for all stakeholders and keeping our commitments. We believe that in the long term integrity pays dividends.

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Our commitment to responsibility

Acting responsibly means doing the right things the right way. We’re committed to acting responsibly as a company and partner.

Firm history

Building Sagard

Driven by purpose and inspired by entrepreneurial spirit, Sagard is being built by business leaders who see opportunity in what’s next.

The Sagard team

Entrepreneurial. Driven. Get to know the team that’s always looking to uncover the opportunities behind what’s next.

Board of Directors


A platform for creating value

1 Assets Under Management (“AUM”) as of March 31, 2021 is the sum of:
  • net asset value of private equity, venture capital, private credit and healthcare royalty funds, including uncalled capital commitments of those funds and unused leverage,
  • fair value of assets held in co-investment vehicles managed by Sagard and uncalled capital commitments of those co-investment vehicles,
  • AUM of other managers controlled by Sagard, and
  • fair value of all other assets managed by Sagard that are not otherwise included in the clauses above.

Our definition of AUM is not based on any definition contained in our fund management agreements. Furthermore, our calculation may differ from the manner in which the SEC defines “Regulatory Assets Under Management” on Form ADV and from the AUM definition used by other asset managers.