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Stephanie Choo has served as Partner at Portage since 2016. She runs the investment team in North America. She is passionate about partnering with the next generation of Fintech entrepreneurs globally and spends most of her time in consumer Fintech, embedded infra, payments and crypto. She is particularly obsessed with:

  1. democratizing access to financial products
  2. disrupting existing financial services monopolies through better and cheaper experiences
  3. disintermediating the middleman through tech
  4. replacing the creeky rails that all of financial services are built on

Prior to Portage, she led a team, which built and launched a leading digital advice platform in Canada, which now serves over 2M Canadians. Before that, she worked at BCG, where she nudged several large financial services incumbents to modernity. Her journey to Fintech started at a mobile payments startup, which was a lot of fun, but didn’t work.

Stephanie is based in the United States, but is a proud first generation Canadian.  She holds a B.Comm. from Queen’s University.

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